Science Week

As part of science week, we were discovering what happened to Skittles when a clear liquid is added. We used: cold water, warm water, lemonade, tonic water and vinegar. We saw a transformation with all, but the speed of the reactions were different with each liquid.

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Our Mystery Story

This week we have been planning, writing and publishing our own mystery stories. The are lots of stories of things going missing and some interesting ones. We have some budding Columbos and Miss Marples!

The children are using vocabulary that really engages the reader. They are so keen on  improving themselves!

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The Local Area Walk

Today we went on a mile and half walk our our area. The children had lots of things to look out for and note down. The route took us through a bridle path, passed an allotment, along Stratford Road, passed Robin Hood Island and finally back down Pitmaston Road. We saw many species of birds and listen to their different calls. We discussed why the allotment is where it is and who might use it. Lots of interesting answers.



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End of KS1

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What makes something float?

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The Queen’s Birthday

To celebrate The Queen’s 90th Birthday, we had a street party. Child make decorations and learnt about British history.

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The Queen has written to 2JH

For The Queen’s birthday, 2JH made cards and sent them to Her Majesty. We have received a letter thanking us for our cards, an information leaflet to help us answer the questions we asked and a card from The Queen. We all feel quite special.



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